Entrepreneurial is a continuous learning journey that empowers Millennials to explore, learn and contribute to the entrepreneurial world as a vast way to succeed as a self-employees who run local and global market startup.


Africamoja prioritises to develop Millennials with 21st-century entrepreneurial skills which include identifying and learning opportunities, others and self-leading, creative and innovative thinking, quantitative and qualitative reasoning, Human-centered design and the critical ability to identify, communicate, break down and solve complex problems from multiple perspectives.


Africamoja believes in developing the next generation of leaders. Millennials Capacity building and Leadership programs help Millennials leaders take charge, define a direction, discover strategies and build leadership skills, capacity, expand education and learn the value of service.


Capacity building and Millennials leadership seek to intensive hone Millennials leadership potentials, develop creative problem-solving strategies to be reliable, trusted and experiential young, dynamic professionals equipped with ethical business practices.


Establishes and builds partnerships between Millennials and business, government as well as public bodies to accelerate international sustainable development and advance the ‘green economy’. Africamoja provides Millennials-led platform across which stakeholders can share knowledge, technologies and expertise, and identify innovative solutions to the challenges faced by climate change and its threats to the continuously growing population.


We coach and motivate youth to understand climate change is a fact and its happening today, its contours of this century. Africamoja inspires Millenials to partner and engages both public and private sectors to discover, innovate and design urgent sustainable actions to combat climate change and its impacts*


MillennialSpeak is about converting Millennial opinion into real-world impact. Africamoja seeks to understand, inspire and connect with what Millennial care about and help empower them to take action on issues that will not only create positive impacts in our society but also assisting governments to and stakeholders make the SDGs a reality.


Creating visibility amongst Millennial to understand their position in creating a generation of global citizens who make healthy and balanced lifestyle choices and decision. MillennialAfya seeks to enable and educate Millennials that drugs and substance are significant problems facing young adults in the 21st-Century.


We mentor and build advisory and cancelling platforms that develop trust amongst Millennials to be leaders and agent of eradicating drug abuse in their communities. Through MillennialAfya provide Millennials with the opportunity to participate in healthy recreational and sports activities which helps to reflect upon their purpose in life, generation as well as 21st century taking into account that they are key role players in making ethical, practical, visible, reliable and sustainable decisions which promote global development.


This is an online-oriented platform that provides educational support to millennials in the realisation of the SDGs both through strategic opportunities through Africamoja existing initiatives, platforms and networks.