Founder’s Message

Ericsson Temu

Ericsson Temu


Founder's Message.

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to Africamoja Youth Society, a not-for-profit organization that aspire millennials to explore, connect and develop leadership potential to solve Africa’s pressing challenges.

We founded this platform because we seek to Inspiring Millennials to actively enhance high impact engagement in helping governments and stakeholders make the SDGs a reality.  In reality, to Inspire Millennials, we need to help them build the culture of hope, trust and healthy relationship among people across their local communities and skills to affirm human value in their lives, families and communities. Through helping them to evolve more confidence and critical thinking, we are creating possibilities for millennials go on to the second step, taking an active role in developing their communities.

Everyone here at Africamoja reflects strongly on the desire and commitment to activating and envisioning millennials leadership abilities by providing the ownership opportunity to live a shared responsibility for the world and equip 21st-Century millennials with full potential, resources and skills to shape a better, more resilient and sustainable future generation is  at the core of our operations

Africamoja is a place where millennials can learn and share experiences and develop skills for active citizenship. We expect to see every millennial to take responsibility to become peer educators for their society, entrepreneurs, innovators, job creators and passionate if not patriot leaders.

We are aware that our commitment to contributing to society can be realised through sustained growth achievable by responding quickly and flexibly to various needs of our people and planet. Through our vision, we are entrusted by communities to continuously put smiles in people’s faces and enrich lives through our highest quality programs and services.

The environment in which we operate is evolving and changing rapidly, climate change and globalisation trends are changing the perceptions and way people live. Africamoja will is set to create and propose new high value-added skills, developing new programs which enable us to solve problems through “people”. We will continue to make our brand attractive to the community, and we will become an essential part of our community, always aiming to earn the gratitude of our platforms.

I believe the future leaders will expand their minds, skills and friendship with trust, cooperation and enthusiasm. They will build the strong team and solidarity among themselves and communities that cross barriers of mistrust, ethnicity, gender and pleasure, laughter, creativity, appreciation of each other and provide a safe space to express themselves.

We are very grateful for the support that we get from many individuals who make our work possible. We always welcome support offered in any way, if you are millennial, please feel free to visit us and join our activities at any time.

We intend to devote our full capacity towards our vision and mission, and we would be grateful to the continued warm support of all those concerned.


With thanks,

Ericsson Temu