Our Model

Africamoja is committed to helping millennial and organisations drive improvement through the use of its model, which is a sustainable and dynamic comprehensive management framework.

For the last 6 years, we have managed the development of this model, incorporating the experiences and learning from millennials, partner organisations and development partners to ensure it reflects reality and offers a path for sustainable excellence.

To help you implement our model, we provide training, assessment tools and recognition. However, our real talent comes from gathering good practices and integrating those within our portfolio. Africamoja is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to Inspire Millennials to actively enhance high impact engagement in helping governments and stakeholders make the SDGs a reality.

We nurture a network of world-class organisations and their leaders who share our passion for sustainable excellence. We believe that the Africamoja Model is a common framework that helps us all to improve our programs. Sharing our enthusiasm, motivation and the results we achieve; that is what we work for at Africamoja.

Downloadable Version coming soon